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The last 30 days of school

As an educator, I have a unique opportunity that a majority of the working population does not have. I get to experience that magical time known as “the last 30 days of school.”

We can all remember the excitement that those last days brought as a child–less homework, class outside, fun end of year projects. As teachers we get to see this excitement through the eyes of the kids–and it gets contagious. Despite having to suffer through state testing and end of year reviews, we get caught up in the joy. Here are a few things I have noticed are different between the first 30 days of school and the last.

The first 30 days…

1. Get up 3 hours before school -no pressing of the snooze button.

2. Set out clothes and prepare lunch the night before.

3. Spend way too long on hair and makeup-even though it will all be a mess by 10 am.

4. Arrive at work 30 minutes early to prep for the day.

5. Stay 30 minutes late cleaning classroom.

6. Rush to grocery and then home to make dinner.

7. Eat, clean kitchen, shower, talk with family for a few minutes , then fall asleep watching Netflix.

8. Repeat for 150 days.

The last 30 days of school…

1. Get up 2 hours before school-hitting snooze at least twice to sneak in a few extra minutes.

2. Grab outfit from the “floordrobe”-who cares if it’s wrinkled. Peanut butter sandwich or leftovers for lunch.

3. Hair in ponytail and no makeup-it’s gonna be a mess by 10am anyway.

4. Arrive at work 10 minutes early-make sure coffee mug is full-get ready to give 100% to the students. There is still work to be done.

5. Leave as soon as students are gone–after making note that students will clean their messes tomorrow morning.

6. Skip grocery store–peanut butter sandwiches for dinner. On paper plates.

7. Eat, throw away paper plates, spend quality time with family, then binge watch Netflix for 3 hours. School is almost over, we should relax, right?

8. Repeat for 30 days, wishing we had this attitude from the get-go.

Life is short, y’all. No matter what job you have, remember not to let work consume you. Consume and surround yourself with the people and things you love.

Live like the last 30 days of school.

“Floordrobe”–baskets or piles of washed clothing that have not been put away. Your wardrobe is essentially on the floor.

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