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Walking in the Rain

I took a walk today–in the rain. Wait, let me back up a bit…

I do not particularly like being “out” in the rain–and not because I am too frilly or feel like I will melt. I just do not like feeling damp and cold when I come back inside and smelling like wet dog the rest of the day. So with that in mind…

I took a walk today–in the rain. When I began my walk the rain was only threatening, so I thought I could go out before it started. Wrong. Five minutes out the drizzle set in and I turned to head home, but as I turned I realized how silly it was to turn around because of a few drops of rain. So I turned back around and kept on going.

Five minutes later and the soft, bearable drizzle turned to rain. Again I was faced with whether or not to turn back and go home, but again I kept going. The more it rained and the further I walked, the better I felt. I started to notice that others out walking had begun to run back or pick up their paces, and yet I continued at my same calm pace. I did not care that I was getting soaked from head to toe, nor that my body was getting cold. What I did care about was finishing this walk I had set my mind and body to. Then I had this realization…

So many times in our daily “walks” of life, we put off things that are difficult or scary. This doesn’t mean that these things are not important to us, it just means we have some sort of mental block that gets in our way–we are definitely our own worst enemies.

Today I had a choice. I could have turned around when the rain began to pour or I could have powered through. I know that a walk in the rain isn’t really that bad; it is a metaphor however, for what choices we have on a daily basis. Do we turn when things get bad and return to the comfort of our safe place, or do we barrel on past the road blocks to reach our destination?

Today I took a physical and metaphorical walk–in the rain. I barreled through that road block and found a new sense of determination. I came home soaked to the bone, water wringing from my hair, and smelling like wet dog. It was amazing. I could have turned back, but I am proud of myself for powering forward.




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