The Birth of Little Miss Twitch

Nickname: a usually descriptive name given instead of or in addition to the one belonging to a person, place, or thing.

During dinner on our first date, my husband was introduced to my Tourette Syndrome in full force. I guess the excitement and nerves got the best of me and I was twitching all over the place. When he asked if I was nervous I decided to go for “full disclosure” and tell him all about my Tourette’s.

I was worried how he would respond, as most people up to that point had not been too understanding. At least he would shrug it off and say, “well that sucks,” or at most he would ask silly questions like, “do you swear all the time like they do on TV?”  But instead I got something I hadn’t experienced before–compassion. He didn’t make fun of me, ask dumb questions or change the subject. Instead he grinned at me and said, “so then you’re not nervous, you’re just Little Miss Twitch.”

We have been peas and carrots ever since.

After that, Little Miss Twitch became my nick name. This lovingly humorous way of letting me know my tics are out of control has helped me come to terms with my Tourette’s. It has helped me see that I can define my disorder, instead of it defining me.

A year ago when I decided to begin my blogging, I wanted a pen name. I needed a name that was easy to remember yet embodied my personality. I thought on it for several weeks to no avail. Then one night after an especially twichy evening my husband came to me, grabbed my hand and said, “Hey Little Miss Twitch–are you ok?”

I realized at that moment I would find no better pen name than the one my husband had given to personify my Tourette’s.

That night Little Miss Twitch– quirks and all– was born.